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Waiting beside the sea

Almost a month since my last post. A lot of procrastinating working out kinks with Createspace and Amazon on published books. Still on my mind is Black Robes, Stubs and Return to Blue Mountain.  Have really been dragging my feet on Black Robes, standing on the beach, looking at the cold sea before me, and knowing that once I step into the water, I will be fine. But dreading the first shock. I made a small start today, beginning to imagine the story and Father Benet and Captain Quinn, what they will be and do, how they will interact with the other, and all the peripheral but essential characters to make a story.  I stepped in, stepped back and felt a little more like wading and eventually plunging into the sea.

Stubs involves a lot of uncertainty, not fully convinced it is worth the investment in time, but gaining little kernels of hope after reading the first eighteen pages I have written. I really must decide to take the matter seriously, read the forty year old draft and decide yes or no.

As to the second Blue Mountain book, if I can enlist Rachel again for the design and artwork, that is still a target for the grandchildren and all children for Christmas.

New Year New Ideas New Focus

All the grandchildren, great grandchildren and those of the Jenkin’s and Potarazu family received a copy of Rescue on Blue Mountain for Christmas.  Sent two copies to publishers to see if there is any interest. About a month ago and no word back. I know it’s a long shot but did it nevertheless. I don’t know about other authors but I really like my books and sometimes am pleasantly surprised when I go back and read them

Did some work on The Black Robes, the current title. Did some research relating to one of the characters, Joseph Sean Quinlan. My strategy in writing the book is to generalize in my mind what I want the story to be and then create the characters. I have begun to flesh out Quinlan which takes me back to his father and then leads to research on the life the son might lead in the book. Names like Osceolo, Valejo and Fremont come to mind.  The Irish rebellion of 1798 and Quinlan’s father role, the St. Patrick Brigade, the Bear Flag revolt all included in the event they are woven into the book.

Anticipating Quinlan will be one of the main characters. Other candidates will receive the same treatment until they come alive in my mind and create the story as well as being created by it.

By the way I wrote a poem for our last born grandson for Christmas. His name is Liam Krishna Potarazu and yes, his great grandfather came from India.


It’s A Bird, It’s A ?
By Grandpappy

There’s a story I’m about to tell
A story I know so very well
About a flying creature
Whose every feature
Tells us he is not a bird at all.
And if you see him
He will tell you his name is Liam
And if you ask him what matter of creature he is
He will smile and tell you this
“Why I am a flying Pot Ah Rah ZOO”

We are happy as he hovers above me
Until one day he says, “I must leave you see
For I have a job to do”
I look into his brown eyes
Which are an enormous size
And sadly ask “Why must you go?”

My flying Pot Ah Rah ZOO blushed
“Santa needs me”
“What does he want you to do
Master Liam Pot Ah Rah ZOO?”
“I must confess
That I have GPS
And Santa has asked me to guide him”
“But what about Rudolph,” I say?
“Well his nose is dead
A Helper tried to tinker
And shorted his blinker
So you can see
It is up to me.”

And now this Christmas I can say
Master Liam is guiding Santa’s sleigh
And I can proudly say to you, too,
My grandson is a flying Pot Ah Rah ZOO.

Rescue On Blue Mountain

Rachel finished proofs Friday before last, I ordered the printing on Monday and Diggy Pod delivered the books on Friday! The rapid move from proofs to the order to receipt took me totally be surprise.  So I have enough books for the grandchildren, great grandchildren, and children of friends of the family. Will be especially happy to deliver for Liam and the Wayne’s boys.  The Christmas season can be a wonderful time but heartache then is so much greater than the rest of the season. This season will be one of hope for a miracle and a deep, enveloping sadness. It is also a season to be thankful for the blessing we have received and for each other and to remember our greatest gift is to be able to give.

As for the book, I am going to send it to some publishers to determine their interest and as a fall back will publish through Createspace.

Looking Good

Placed order for Rescue on Blue Mountain! Order should be here by end of next week which means by the eighteenth of December. Time to send to Charleston where the great grandchildren live.

I’m not sure whether I would be happier simply writing and letting the many other things that have to be done to get a book published be done by someone else or going through the process I did.

I consider my real mission in life is to write but starting on a new book is a stressful process, unlike writing after you’ve typed a few thousand words. Once you’re “into” writing a book, the process is generally fulfilling.

Delaying the process of starting is provided by the many things to be done to get a book published.

Good news on another front. We have been without landline phone service for over a week. The repairmen came today to reconnect the phones. Learning to live with smart phones which are certainly smarter than I am was a pain in the buttocks. But I have learned a few things such as the wonders of GPS, especially welcome when you can’t read road signs.


Thinking About Next Year

When Rescue on Blue Mountain is published, time to begin thinking about next year.  I could stop writing but I enjoy it too much to do that and I don’t depend on either sales, approbation or money for motivation. It’s building a legacy which children, grand children and beyond can look at if they wish. They will find me in my books. Perhaps too much so and too little consideration of what would interest readers.

So, I will publish a sequel to Rescue on Blue Mountain if I can entice Rachel to do the design and illustration work. Stubs is a resuscitation issue, I just don’t get motivated with a ne’er do well in the social setting similar to the one I have lived and observed. At this point, it may interest others, but me not so much.

The Jesuit books motivates me the more I learn about them, started by a bunch of zealous intellectuals and carried forth through generations with such great energy and vision. Then many today but particularly in history hated the Jesuits and that is reason enough to want to tell their side of the story.


Out of Sight, Out of …..

Have neglected posting anything realizing that my posts are read by no one but myself. But it is a place to reflect, to take inventory of what is happening. The SEO company efforts, if indeed such efforts existed, have yielded little, if anything. Book Daily which claims to hype authors’ books, seems to yield very little. Still, I think my books will get the attention they merit. Perhaps there is a double meaning in that remark.

But I continue to write, and with Rachel’s help, have produced Rescue on Blue Mountain. Most likely Monday we will give Diggy Pod the go ahead to print 24 copies. They are for the grandchildren and great grandchildren and the few left for any other children about . Rachel has done a splendid job, in my inflated opinion. I think children will enjoy the book. The chances are very good that Rescue on Blue Mountain will be ready before Christmas.

I have neglected Stubs and the Jebby book and at this point at am content at this point to leave them on the back burner.


Good News and No News

Rachel has really grabbed hold of the design and art work for Rescue on Blue Mountain.  Christmas does look doable. The interest created by Web Creations and BookDaily is iffy. Looks like I will have to accept finding easy ways to market is not so easy and once again, cut my losses.

Reminds me of the story about Zane Grey, the guy who jump started the western genre. He didn’t get rolling until he married an enterprising lady who did his marketing for him.

Flyers, Stubs and Gone Missing

For no reason thought of Stubs today. What kind of person will he be?  Will he come to life at  all and will he be noticed if he does.

Also took a flyer on site Book Daily, which claims to offer visibility to books. Started with The Black Lion and the Crocodile. We’ll see. Have been checking website visits daily. Really little movement and the likelihood of renewing Web Creations is remote.

Had something a little scary happen Went to mow the grass with the Kubota and the battery was missing. Checked on the Ford and battery missing also. This is our first robbery. Thirty years.  Angry? Frightened? Wary? Uneasy? Alert? Mostly the last two, I think.  I feel something has changed.  Then you keep thinking, why would anyone steal batteries?  Dumb question. Because they can.

Rainy Days and Comfort Food

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and went to my favorite website, Consortium. It can be relied on to produce very good writing about things I agree on. It was raining outside so it bought out my dark side. This prompted me to write a comment which I now regret about how we are doomed. I will have to return and  insert some optimism so that I either don’t depress everyone else or I get a response that I might consider treatment.

I am sitting here knowing that I have to get ready for church and thinking I need to go back to the website and edit my comments, put in something hopeful.

Rainy days and comfort food come to mind. They both make me feel better.  I think the rainy day appeal was inserted in my soul when I was growing up on our farm. On rainy days, most of them, I didn’t have to work. Comfort food works the same way, it makes me feel better.

I gotta get going. Started thinking about marketing books. I hate marketing anything including myself. I want to be discovered. I don’t want to ask people to read my books. I want them to tell me how much they like them. It’s not going to happen, of course, so I must expose my work and psyche to review.

Blue Mountain, Jesuits and Stubs(?) and Autumn

Haven’t posted anything for a while.  Progress on illustrations for Rescue on Blue Mountain encouraging though meeting the Christmas deadline is problematical but possible, even likely. See the mood change in a single sentence. Harford Community College was very helpful in finding an illustrator.  Rachel Harris is a pleasant surprise; her art work looks really good.

So much to do on our property and on the farm, have neglected doing any writing.  Hate to spend the great weather inside and it really helps to get things done before it turns cold. The old manuscript titled Stubs is where I spend the few minutes writing. The Jesuits are not on the back burner or even the stove top. Still an interesting subject which now focuses on their missionary work in the northern part of the land between the Rockies and the Cascades in the late nineteenth century. Resources are easy to find but pulling it all together is going to be a real challenge. I decided what I need to do is flesh out the characters likely central to the book.

What I have read of the manuscript Stubs doesn’t inspire but I read the few pages I have written and found myself interested in the character.

Back to my real project, repairing the snow blower. I am a real trial and error handyman, mostly errors.