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H. Edward Schmidt


Still haven’t gotten down to writing, spending less than an hour a day researching, reading the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz on an almost daily basis trying to grasp the workings of Israeli society. Writing this I need to spend more time dealing with the Muslims and Christians in Israel and Palestine. While there is a controlling narrative within Israel and abroad protecting the status quo, it is encouraging that there are Jewish Israelis who see the need for change.  The pandemic of Covid-19 has created an awareness that all parties need each other. The over representation of Palestinian health workers compared with their numbers and that they are treating Israeli Jews is significant.

Anyway, I know that doing research everyday is a form of procrastination and I need to focus on what to write and begin. So far I have managed 2500 words. I need to do that every day. I think I have written something like this before but this time……