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Archive for January 2020

Christmas story number four “Lost!”

Well, we finally finished the third Christmas story and still waiting for the revised Battle For Blue Mountain. At this time, this is what the fourth one will be about. Two young people, five and three, are lost on Blue Mountain. Or maybe better, they are kidnapped and escape only to get lost. Wandering through the thick forest, they are spotted by the arch-villain Wotan. And on and on to a happy ending, we hope.


Last of the Trilogy

The third book now only in my mind’s eye about the land now called Israel and Palestine is bound to be the most challenging because its historical context is set in the twenty-first century. It like the previous two books, The Circle and Your Is Our and Land, ends on a hopeful note. At least that is my intention.

Having a hard time getting started and I suppose the best approach is to put something down on paper, that is, to begin.

I call it the last of the trilogy but I wonder if I will stick to my guns.