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H. Edward Schmidt

Changing the Finish Line

Well, Rachel and I didn’t make the December 25 Christmas deadline but  we will meet the deadline for the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches which is January 7. Also the Coptic Church which is the same. I hope readers, when they discover this and my other books, will enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them. The puzzle for me regarding the Battle for Blue Mountain is the target age group. No matter, for my smaller grandchildren and great grandchildren, they can read it when they get older.

As  mentioned before, I will be spending time in the new year writing about a very challenging subject, the relationship between the Jews and Arabs in Israel. It is and will continue to be both complex, changing and dynamic. I know how I want to begin and how it should end but in between is a challenge. I won’t hold myself to the now imagined beginning and end, but right now I am pretty sure about them.