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Roothaan’s Dream

What began as Black Robes is now Roothaan’s Dream. As I may have mentioned, the title Black Robes has been used before. I have submitted the manuscript to Nick for formatting and cover design. The original focus was the Jesuits and their attempts to duplicate the missions they created almost two centuries before in South America. Although a major theme, the story is also  built around the son of an Irish immigrant Sean Quinn.  Paths of the major Jesuit protagonist Father Charles Benet and Quinn cross in the northwest interior. Rivalling the pursuit of the souls of Indians by Jesuit Charles Benet is the pursuit of Francesca Obredo by Captain Quinn. I am satisfied with the ending. For now.

Invasion of Blue Mountain

The current title of the third Blue Mountain book is Invasion of Blue Mountain. The story of a plan to build a ski resort on Blue Mountain and the defense of the mountain by the animals on the mountain, aided by the Berger(sp?) family, Prince and his young son Laddie. Joining in the battle is Ozzie, the Cherokee hermit whose ancestor of centuries past is the great chief Osta Ostacity. Rachel Harris has agreed to do the illustrations as she did for the first two Blue Mountain books. Already thinking of changes but they are minor, and the gist remains.