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Finis to Return to Blue Mountain

Well, Rachel and I finished Return to Blue Mountain in time to deliver them for Christmas to the grandchildren and great grandchildren and a few other families with small children. It is now available on Amazon.

This was the second children’s book about Blue Mountain and the people and animals surrounding it.  Return to Blue Mountain, as the second story about Blue Mountain gives me the idea of a third for next Christmas! The Blue Mountain series! Already have some thoughts about that. These guys from New York have this idea of a ski resort on Blue Mountain and….

Now on to the painful and rewarding process of the Black Robes saga. I have a start but I need to get moving, on a roll. Not easy.


Just in time for Christmas, I hope

If all goes well the little grand kids and great grand kids will receive Return to Blue Mountain by Christmas! It will be published on Amazon which is only a step above publishing myself. Rachel Harris, who I discovered at Harford Community College has served as the illustrator, cover designer and master of the mysterious process of format manipulation or prestidigitation. Her drive for excellence, of getting it right, serve both her and me well. I get the proof today and hopefully by tomorrow I can place the order for the kids. The bio on the back says this is my seventh book, actually the eighth and I plan to do at least eight more.

Oh, about Black Robes, it is not forgotten and most days I think of what I will write about. Hopefully, by the new year I will be well into the writing. Not even sure about the title.