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H. Edward Schmidt

Throttling Down

I look at my calendar nd saw I was projecting finishing  Black Robes by November  .I figure I have completed about twenty percent of the book so I have six days to complete the remaining eighty percent!

My idea about the book was to focus almost exclusively on the Jesuits, which is, in itself a very rich topic. But research has led me to think of a very different book, one that takes in the Interior Indian tribes, the military, our government and a dynamic very different than the one I began with. For example, the behavior of the Indian tribes in the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Cascades is loaded with possibilities, the life of one of the main characters, the son of an Irish immigrants brings the Seminole uprising and the Mexican-American war into the picture, and on and on. So much to understand  as the backdrop to the story. To incorporate and distill all that pops up while keeping the plot and sub-plots  in focus will be a challenge. In the back of my mind, what is the story I want to tell.