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H. Edward Schmidt


Stubs is complete! It is listed and sold on Amazon. Selling is the problem, as always. Writing, with some struggles was fun. As mentioned, it started with a forty year old manuscript which I ceased to follow after the title. It was a someone I knew, which I may have mentioned, also.. The ending in the book was quite different than real life but the result was the same. I started writing Stubs out of obligation to my earlier effort and had some doubts along the way. But I am pleased with it. I think it turned out well.

I don’t know if other authors, successful or no, feel the way I do but I really like what I write. I often go back and read and say to myself this is really good! Maybe its just me. In fact, the way I got hooked on writing twenty years ago when I read the first pages of The Circle aloud.  Wow. It was an epiphany.

Still working on another children’s book and a fiction book about Jesuits in the American west in the 19th century. Fascinating subject.