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I couldn’t abandon Stubs

From the beginning, I knew but would not admit that I would not abandon Stubs, that I would throw the forty year old manuscript into the recycling can and forget him. So what I did was look at the old manuscript, shape it, and come out with the story of Stubs. Stubs was born eight years before me but his world and mine were not so different. I looked at the first draft last week and will rework it in a modest way and have what will be the best I can do. As I write, and it must be true of most writers I begin to form the characters to the point where  they begin to speak to me, telling me what I should write what I should go back and change.

Rachel is working on the illustrations for Return to Blue Mountain and we need to have periodic talks on progress. Like Rescue, would like to have it ready for the grandchildren and great grandchildren for Christmas. On the near horizon, work on Black Robes, and continuing thoughts about the book.

On my mind is what Katherine the great did when the Jesuits were disbanded. She recognized what they had to offer and invited them to teach in Russia! Until today, the Europeans and their progeny just couldn’t and can’t get along with the Russians. A never ending tale, I guess.