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Finally published and progress report

Rescue on Blue Mountain should appear on Amazon by the end of next week.  Rachel, the illustrator is already at work on Return to Blue Mountain and we should finish before Christmas.

I mentioned Stubs earlier, that it was a forty year old manuscript stuck away in a file cabinet which I pulled to explore whether it would make a novel. So I began writing, telling myself if was a loser I would drop it in the waste basket. I thought of doing that several times.

Well, I have kept plugging away and the current novel has been reworked extensively and I just won’t stop until the story is complete and then I will decide whether to throw it into the wastebasket or not. It is only weeks away from that time.

Anybody reading this will know that anybody who has spent months reworking a novel like Stubs is not going to throw it away. It is a story, it does have strong characters, a beginning, middle and end. So why stop now.

I am anxious to finish Stubs and still on my plate is the Black Robes story which has undergone some changes in my mind and will be a very different book than what was envisioned when I made the decision to write it.