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Been Awhile

Been awhile since my last post. Am currently working on files to send to Createspace for Rescue on Blue Mountain. They should be ready this week. If all goes as planned the book should be out on Amazon in the next month. I do plan a second book Return to Blue Mountain which will be out before Christmas. Rachel said she will do the art work.

Have been working on the book Stubs every day. It’s like paying a debt to myself, to resurrect something I wrote forty years ago and filed away. Plowing through the old manuscript and editing and altering what I wrote has been tedious yet I am determined to finish and then go on to two books I would like to write. One I mentioned is what I now call Black Robes but will probably change the name and the other about Israel slash Palestine with a happy ending. I am among a very small and peculiar group who believes that and believes they see how that will happen.

I did receive a review of Your Land Is Our Land which the reviewer claimed she did not know it was fiction until Hitler was deposed by the German Army before World War Two! World War Two never happened in the book.  I guess she assumed that all the fictitious characters in the book were real until Hitler showed up.  She also said there were too many errors and they made it difficult to read the book.

A second reviewer said I just found a way to hide my bias about Jews by describing not only what was happening to Jews, but the Palestinians, for goodness sake. And of course, I do plead guilty to trying, through fiction, to tell the world that the Palestinians have been treated badly by the Jews and the rest of us, and mentioning that the Jews were treated badly by the Germans which was not sufficient to hide my bias. Read any good books with Palestinian heroes lately or ever?

As to the first reviewer, I admit to errors that might be found by a teacher of English grammar, and a few others, but how she could claim that it made her difficult to read the book sounded very much like a smoke screen. Somehow, pointing out what was happening to the Palestinians seemed to upset her and she said only people who understand the history of the two peoples should read the book. To others, I think she was suggesting, it might be upsetting. I hope she is right.

Having said that, I will pay attention to editing, recognizing there might be room for improvement. My opinion about the reviewer is unchanged.