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Waiting beside the sea

Almost a month since my last post. A lot of procrastinating working out kinks with Createspace and Amazon on published books. Still on my mind is Black Robes, Stubs and Return to Blue Mountain.  Have really been dragging my feet on Black Robes, standing on the beach, looking at the cold sea before me, and knowing that once I step into the water, I will be fine. But dreading the first shock. I made a small start today, beginning to imagine the story and Father Benet and Captain Quinn, what they will be and do, how they will interact with the other, and all the peripheral but essential characters to make a story.  I stepped in, stepped back and felt a little more like wading and eventually plunging into the sea.

Stubs involves a lot of uncertainty, not fully convinced it is worth the investment in time, but gaining little kernels of hope after reading the first eighteen pages I have written. I really must decide to take the matter seriously, read the forty year old draft and decide yes or no.

As to the second Blue Mountain book, if I can enlist Rachel again for the design and artwork, that is still a target for the grandchildren and all children for Christmas.