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New Year New Ideas New Focus

All the grandchildren, great grandchildren and those of the Jenkin’s and Potarazu family received a copy of Rescue on Blue Mountain for Christmas.  Sent two copies to publishers to see if there is any interest. About a month ago and no word back. I know it’s a long shot but did it nevertheless. I don’t know about other authors but I really like my books and sometimes am pleasantly surprised when I go back and read them

Did some work on The Black Robes, the current title. Did some research relating to one of the characters, Joseph Sean Quinlan. My strategy in writing the book is to generalize in my mind what I want the story to be and then create the characters. I have begun to flesh out Quinlan which takes me back to his father and then leads to research on the life the son might lead in the book. Names like Osceolo, Valejo and Fremont come to mind.  The Irish rebellion of 1798 and Quinlan’s father role, the St. Patrick Brigade, the Bear Flag revolt all included in the event they are woven into the book.

Anticipating Quinlan will be one of the main characters. Other candidates will receive the same treatment until they come alive in my mind and create the story as well as being created by it.

By the way I wrote a poem for our last born grandson for Christmas. His name is Liam Krishna Potarazu and yes, his great grandfather came from India.


It’s A Bird, It’s A ?
By Grandpappy

There’s a story I’m about to tell
A story I know so very well
About a flying creature
Whose every feature
Tells us he is not a bird at all.
And if you see him
He will tell you his name is Liam
And if you ask him what matter of creature he is
He will smile and tell you this
“Why I am a flying Pot Ah Rah ZOO”

We are happy as he hovers above me
Until one day he says, “I must leave you see
For I have a job to do”
I look into his brown eyes
Which are an enormous size
And sadly ask “Why must you go?”

My flying Pot Ah Rah ZOO blushed
“Santa needs me”
“What does he want you to do
Master Liam Pot Ah Rah ZOO?”
“I must confess
That I have GPS
And Santa has asked me to guide him”
“But what about Rudolph,” I say?
“Well his nose is dead
A Helper tried to tinker
And shorted his blinker
So you can see
It is up to me.”

And now this Christmas I can say
Master Liam is guiding Santa’s sleigh
And I can proudly say to you, too,
My grandson is a flying Pot Ah Rah ZOO.