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H. Edward Schmidt

Thinking About Next Year

When Rescue on Blue Mountain is published, time to begin thinking about next year.  I could stop writing but I enjoy it too much to do that and I don’t depend on either sales, approbation or money for motivation. It’s building a legacy which children, grand children and beyond can look at if they wish. They will find me in my books. Perhaps too much so and too little consideration of what would interest readers.

So, I will publish a sequel to Rescue on Blue Mountain if I can entice Rachel to do the design and illustration work. Stubs is a resuscitation issue, I just don’t get motivated with a ne’er do well in the social setting similar to the one I have lived and observed. At this point, it may interest others, but me not so much.

The Jesuit books motivates me the more I learn about them, started by a bunch of zealous intellectuals and carried forth through generations with such great energy and vision. Then many today but particularly in history hated the Jesuits and that is reason enough to want to tell their side of the story.