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H. Edward Schmidt

Traction on Blue Mountain

Think I found a student illustrator at Harford Community College!! Will wait and see. It has been a long search for someone to do the illustrations that also knows how to create a digital file that can be printed.  Three months til Christmas and am hopeful that Rachel can do the job. There are sixteen illustrations, many of which I did myself and are adequate with touch up and the  matter of meshing of the illustrations with the printed story.  One of those learn as you go projects. Nick can give me some guidance since he was instrumental in getting my other books in print, I trust he will be helpful.

I have a month to month arrangement on SEO with a firm in Arizona. The first moth does not look promising.  They are already telling me at the end of this month that the first one is always slow and but there is momentum. Since I am flying blind, I have to decide whether I take a risk on their credibility. Do I sign them for another month?