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H. Edward Schmidt

1.38 and 19 and the search for bargains

I love bargains. Big or small. Littles wins that I cherish. Travelling the Rockies in 1989 I found one of my best. Ice cream cones in St. George, Utah for 19 cents! Dessert time or not, I treated all five of us to ice cream cones. Last week and twenty eight years later in Miamisburg, Ohio I found another. $1.38 for three very big scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup which Patricia and I shared. Since I paid $2.25 for a cup of coffee the night before at the same place, imagine the joy of sharing all that ice cream for $1.38. What made it really special is that it came as a complete surprise when the young lady handed me the bill.

In St. George, a big sign we could see from the highway, in Miamisburg a little slip of paper after we finished. I suppose that 19 cent ice cream heightened my sense to remember,  because it was the day for memories-the beautiful western humming birds at the campsite and the day we were heading to Kanab and the hotel where John Wayne and the other movie stars stayed when they made John Ford westerns. Kind of a double dose of history, of cinema and the nineteenth century west.

I did give the pleasant young lady a two dollar tip.