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H. Edward Schmidt

Pulling The Pieces Together

Working with my website and five books that are offered for sale is a challenge. Adding Web Creations as the search engine gurus just makes the process all the more challenging.  On top of trying to find readers is the need to publish Rescue on Blue Mountain by Christmas. I was encouraged this week that I might be able to find a student or students at Harford Community College to do the art work and design. Would really like to have the book ready for Christmas.

Had a little run in with KDP regarding the E-book for The Rift over publishing rights. It’s settled and there is a Kindle version.  The hardcover is temporarily not available because of some editing changes I made. Feel good about the changes.

I am both curious and hopeful at what Web Creations is able to do. I know I will have to do some self promotion but I hate doing that.

I hope by next week I will be working with students on Rescue on Blue Mountain. I have squirelled away a second Blue Mountain story called Return to Blue Mountain, so if they are able to deliver on the first I will see if they will also do the art and design work for that one.