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Abandoning Facebook Page For Now

Tomorrow, will spend time looking at SEO managers and working on Rescue on Blue Mountain. Hoping to find an illustrator among students at MICA, the Maryland Institute of the College of Arts. Visited the campus and met a young girl walking down the street. I told her what I was looking for and handed her some flyers. Hope that works. Looking on Craigslist, found someone advertising as an artist. Got a call from him. He was calling from Pakistan! I politely told him it wouldn’t work.  He said he understood. I really would like to have the book ready by Christmas to give to the younger grandchildren and the Jenkins kids.  Funny thing happened at doctors office. He was showing film of my knee when I told him about The Black Lion and the Crocodile. He turned the screen to show me the book on his screen! From cartilage damage to book listed on Amazon.