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Thinking About First Blog

Got up this morning thinking about my first blog. A reader might wonder why all these books at once. The author must have been pretty prolific putting five books on display.  Actually, The Circle popped into my head around the year 2000.  The Rift came along later and was published almost ten years later. I started working on 95 and let it lay around until I finished it last year. The last two books came more quickly and then I decided why not put them all on display; put them all in one place on a website. Which reminds me that sometime in the late 70’s, I wrote a book about a ne’er do well called Stubs and his miserable life as a pool hustler. I think it is in a file cabinet somewhere and I will publish that if I can find it. And I do hope to have Rescue on Blue Mountain out by Christmas, there is a second Return to Blue Mountain in waiting. Then there is the Black Robes gestating.

Note: Patricia found the manuscript for Stubs!  Forty years old typed on a manual typewriter, how to get it into computer to edit?