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H. Edward Schmidt


Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m still setting it up, so stay tuned! I am an author who hopes to interest you in the books listed on the website. Four of the books are historical fiction or what some call alternative history. The other, more contemporary is about drugs and the violence, tragedy and corruption that comes with it.

The Circle, my first book, is about the land then called Palestine.  It is the story of the children of two families, the Poletsky’s from Russia and the Latif’s, born in Palestine. Ismael Latif and Sarah and Yitzhak Latif, closest friends since childhood are caught in the struggle for the land.

The Rift is a story of a noble Prussian family, the Von Mecklenburg’s, who are sent to German East Africa before World War I. The father, Gustav Von Mecklenburg , is the Director of the German East Africa Company. His youngest son is kidnapped and disappears. The story is about the search for little Willie that takes us to three continents, a world war and two revolutions.

The Black Lion and the Crocodile, set in Ethiopia during the last days of the reign of  Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Kings, the Lion of Judah. Caught in the civil war that follows the Emperor’s end , Peace Corps Volunteer “Wolfie” Steinbach joins the rebels.

You Land Is Our Land returns to the struggle for land between the Arabs and the Jews, those who want to live side by side and those who do not. Ismael Latif returns to join the rebellion and Sarah joins those who want a land where Arabs and Jews can live side by side.

95 takes a turn away from historical fiction to the clash between drug lords, crooked politicians and officials and cops and on the other side cops Myron Spiegelman and Billy Mitchell have very personal reasons to stop the flow of drugs south on Interstate 95.

I hope you will read one of more of my books and will let me know what you think about them.