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Metaphors and Spectres

Wondering how common it is to change the name of a book.  Choice of title The Rift results in competing with a number of books called The Rift. The publisher I used apparently didn’t have an interest in pointing out that there were so many identical titles out there.  Am leaning toward making the change but not in a hurry to do so. Ideas that pop in my head is the metaphoric figure of the Old Man who seems remarkable similar to the metaphoric Uncle Sam and the two Teutonic Knights who are transformed from living persons to spectral figures who move through time watching over the Von Mecklenburg family.  At the moment don’t see any legal barriers but no certain nor do I see the negatives surrounding such a change.

Rescue on Blue Mountain

Hopeful and wary regarding my self-imposed deadline to have Rescue on Blue Mountain published before Christmas.  It was the same deadline I set for last year and failed. Concluding I learned something from that failure, I took this one on with a sense that it is doable. The narrative is in place, the art work and its integration with the narrative is the challenge. Keep plugging away.  I am sustained by the vision of happy grandchildren and impressed parents on Christmas morning.




Pulling The Pieces Together

Working with my website and five books that are offered for sale is a challenge. Adding Web Creations as the search engine gurus just makes the process all the more challenging.  On top of trying to find readers is the need to publish Rescue on Blue Mountain by Christmas. I was encouraged this week that I might be able to find a student or students at Harford Community College to do the art work and design. Would really like to have the book ready for Christmas.

Had a little run in with KDP regarding the E-book for The Rift over publishing rights. It’s settled and there is a Kindle version.  The hardcover is temporarily not available because of some editing changes I made. Feel good about the changes.

I am both curious and hopeful at what Web Creations is able to do. I know I will have to do some self promotion but I hate doing that.

I hope by next week I will be working with students on Rescue on Blue Mountain. I have squirelled away a second Blue Mountain story called Return to Blue Mountain, so if they are able to deliver on the first I will see if they will also do the art and design work for that one.

Trying To Do Too Much

A year ago I took upon myself the task of developing a quality website and putting all my books in one place. That involved concurrently working on books to get them published and finding a company to build a website. The result is that I have the website with five books available on Amazon. Very attractive website and the books show well. Since last year I discovered an old manuscript that I would like to polish and publish,  two children’s books where I am searching for an illustrator to complete, and the germ of an idea built around Jesuits missions in the northwest in the nineteenth century. Facing me immediately is helping a company develop a search engine that brings people to my website and my books. Also facing me immediately is finding an illustrator for the children’s Blue Mountain books which I would like to have available for the grandchildren by Christmas! It forces me to ask myself, why? Why all these self-imposed deadlines and targets? I have to think about that.

On top of that there is always grass to be cut,  painting and repairs to be done, fire wood to be cut and split, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh for the joy of quiet moments when I can actually write and then look fondly, most of the time, at those few pages I have written.

Self-pity is like a salve on open wounds.  And you can pat yourself on the back at the same time. I feel better.

SEO Manager Selected

Yesterday, hooked up with an SEO company to see what could be done to make the world aware of my website and hopefully my books. Quinn, who contacted me, was persuasive and even more helpful told me her company worked on a month to month basis. Since I have no idea how this will work, although I am hopeful, this gives me freedom to decide on a month to month basis. Feel good about getting this rolling.

Abandoning Facebook Page For Now

Tomorrow, will spend time looking at SEO managers and working on Rescue on Blue Mountain. Hoping to find an illustrator among students at MICA, the Maryland Institute of the College of Arts. Visited the campus and met a young girl walking down the street. I told her what I was looking for and handed her some flyers. Hope that works. Looking on Craigslist, found someone advertising as an artist. Got a call from him. He was calling from Pakistan! I politely told him it wouldn’t work.  He said he understood. I really would like to have the book ready by Christmas to give to the younger grandchildren and the Jenkins kids.  Funny thing happened at doctors office. He was showing film of my knee when I told him about The Black Lion and the Crocodile. He turned the screen to show me the book on his screen! From cartilage damage to book listed on Amazon.

Searching for a Turbocharged Search Engine

A year ago I undertook a project to display all the books I have written and to talk about my plans for the future.  I contacted Simple Nerds and they did a good job of creating a website and a page on Facebook. So now I have a place readers can look for what I wrote. Experience tells you that the more people that see what you have written, the more likely someone is going to buy one of your books.  Elementary, but early on in writing, less than two decades ago, I just thought the brightness of my works would be enough, that I would be discovered.  Maybe that is still true but I doubt it. Now I am about to embark on journey to find the best way for people to know who I am and what I have written. I am going to enter the world of SEOs.

Thinking About First Blog

Got up this morning thinking about my first blog. A reader might wonder why all these books at once. The author must have been pretty prolific putting five books on display.  Actually, The Circle popped into my head around the year 2000.  The Rift came along later and was published almost ten years later. I started working on 95 and let it lay around until I finished it last year. The last two books came more quickly and then I decided why not put them all on display; put them all in one place on a website. Which reminds me that sometime in the late 70’s, I wrote a book about a ne’er do well called Stubs and his miserable life as a pool hustler. I think it is in a file cabinet somewhere and I will publish that if I can find it. And I do hope to have Rescue on Blue Mountain out by Christmas, there is a second Return to Blue Mountain in waiting. Then there is the Black Robes gestating.

Note: Patricia found the manuscript for Stubs!  Forty years old typed on a manual typewriter, how to get it into computer to edit?


Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m still setting it up, so stay tuned! I am an author who hopes to interest you in the books listed on the website. Four of the books are historical fiction or what some call alternative history. The other, more contemporary is about drugs and the violence, tragedy and corruption that comes with it.

The Circle, my first book, is about the land then called Palestine.  It is the story of the children of two families, the Poletsky’s from Russia and the Latif’s, born in Palestine. Ismael Latif and Sarah and Yitzhak Latif, closest friends since childhood are caught in the struggle for the land.

The Rift is a story of a noble Prussian family, the Von Mecklenburg’s, who are sent to German East Africa before World War I. The father, Gustav Von Mecklenburg , is the Director of the German East Africa Company. His youngest son is kidnapped and disappears. The story is about the search for little Willie that takes us to three continents, a world war and two revolutions.

The Black Lion and the Crocodile, set in Ethiopia during the last days of the reign of  Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Kings, the Lion of Judah. Caught in the civil war that follows the Emperor’s end , Peace Corps Volunteer “Wolfie” Steinbach joins the rebels.

You Land Is Our Land returns to the struggle for land between the Arabs and the Jews, those who want to live side by side and those who do not. Ismael Latif returns to join the rebellion and Sarah joins those who want a land where Arabs and Jews can live side by side.

95 takes a turn away from historical fiction to the clash between drug lords, crooked politicians and officials and cops and on the other side cops Myron Spiegelman and Billy Mitchell have very personal reasons to stop the flow of drugs south on Interstate 95.

I hope you will read one of more of my books and will let me know what you think about them.